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What We Do

Immersion and Accessibility:

Learn International offers internships, service learning, and customized faculty-led programs in several places around the world, many of them located in towns and semi-rural areas that have kept their true heritage alive while a major city is only a short distance away. However, because our programs are based in smaller cities and towns, our prices remain affordable and accessible for participants. It’s the best of both worlds.

Customized Programs and Opportunities:

We focus on developing personalized and fully integrated academic programs in collaboration with our academic and educational partners, both in Ireland and abroad. Our unique programs are developed to comply with your institution’s wider internationalization strategies.

We deliver solutions that encapsulate the entire program development and delivery process. This includes project planning, business model development, marketing and participant recruitment, provision of staffing, and other program logistics for universities. Faculty-led and short-term programs are also encompassed in our solutions.

Learn International also works with a variety of private and public sector organizations and enterprises to offer high-quality internships and service learning programs that further international education and engagement.