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Why Choose Us?

  • Our programs are developed to match your budget and needs.
  • We believe in program personalization. One size does not fit all in our eyes.
  • The Learn International team consists of real offices and real people who have also experienced working, studying, and living abroad.
  • Our international offices are based in both the Republic of Ireland and the United States.
  • We provide short-term professional internships in multiple disciplines.
  • The programs are offered in small cities and regional towns, allowing participants a greater opportunity for cultural immersion and knowledge at a more affordable price with major cities only a short distance away.
  • Our strong, local network gives our participants further opportunities and resources for development and knowledge.
  • We offer unique programs to comply with university and academic requirements.
  • The staff are dedicated to social and ethical responsibilities, support, and recognition of cultural awareness in regards to our participants.
  • Our relationships with our alumni and partners are cherished and highly valued.