Work Experience in Ireland for EU and EEA students

Internship Placements in Hospitality, Food Service or Tourism in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021

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Gain hands-on experience in Hospitality, Food Service and Tourism industries through an internship in 2020 or 2021!

Are you looking to bring a group of students to Ireland to gain real-life work experience in the working world and enhance their language skills? Are you thinking about a Gap Year or a way to Work Abroad? Are you a student wanting to get more experience in the hospitality field?

Why not come to Ireland to gain that international experience!

Work Experience

Learn International works tirelessly to ensure that students are placed in educational work experience placements that suit their individual needs.  As a result, our students receive one on one attention with excellent training experience. Work experience offers a wide variety of diverse hands-on training in either: the food service, hospitality and tourism industries, which can be catered to meet specific student requirements.


Learn International strives to provide students with the opportunity to experience a global education by seeking hosts that will suit each student’s requirements. As a result, all of our hosts are thoroughly vetted by Learn International and are visited regularly to ensure high quality placements with caring hosts dedicated to offering great experiences.

Internship Duration

Students have the option to participate in short-term or long-term work placements in Ireland.  The duration of the internship can vary from four weeks to three months, which provides flexibility to our students and our hosts. 

Travelling to a new country is a major accomplishment for a student because the lessons they will learn and the experiences they will gain go far beyond the work experience itself. Consequently, students will leave their placements with stronger problem-solving skills, an enhanced cross-cultural competence and a greater sense of self-awareness.

Erasmus Funding

If you use Erasmus funding, we can complete any paperwork needed. We are always here to help!

Internship Placements in Ireland for 2020-2021

While there is a lot of crossover between Hospitality, Food Service and Tourism, for your placement we will endeavour to focus on your main area of interest, while keeping in mind that you may get experience throughout of all three!

Finding the Right Internship Placement

Our host organisations are keen to get involved in the education and training of the future leaders of tomorrow.  Each of our partner host companies have identified specific projects for students that would make a positive difference in their learning.  Students will be working hard to help further the company’s goals and gain first-hand experience working within the sector they have chosen.

We pair students with a small or medium-sized company that will support, challenge and educate them. The work experience will allow students to learn alongside inspiring professionals, apply their academic knowledge to real-life business projects and further their career goals. 

Students’ internship placements must be in line with their academic and career goals. Possible careers in hospitality and tourism include:

  • Hotel or Hospitality Management
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Tour Operations
  • Tour Guiding
  • Travel Agent
  • Event Planning
  • Chef
  • Leisure and Activities Coordinator
  • Catering Coordinator

Host organisations are situated throughout Ireland, from rural towns to larger suburbs and even cities.  Our goal and duty is to match each student with their host, so that they have the most meaningful internship experience possible.

What Will I Learn?

Our work experience placements will give students the chance to hone skills, develop new ones and build confidence through learning by doing. 

Students will enhance their cross-cultural competencies by living in Ireland and will learn about their host country through travel, food and interpersonal communication.

If students wish to improve their English skills, work experience with native speakers is the perfect way to develop this skill while also learning business-specific terminology. 

What's Included:

  • 4-12 week work experience placement, unpaid
  • Pre-departure preparation and support
  • Guidance to work culture in host country
  • Orientation prior to starting the placement
  • Airport greeting and transport arrangement (for groups)
  • Arrival transportation guidance and support for individual students
  • Remote support for emergencies with dedicated Learn International Coordinator
  • Regular check-ins with students via telephone and/or email
  • Shared accommodation

Not included: Airfare, in-country travel and transportation, spending money, and materials for placement

Participation Requirements:

  • Must be a citizen and hold a valid passport from an EU or EEA country;
  • Complete a Learn International application with all relevant supplemental documents;
  • Provide a certified letter in English from the student’s school, college or university that clearly states that the work experience placement is relevant to their academic studies. Relevant reasons include:
    • The internship experience is strongly recommended to gain additional skills in the student’s academic area of study.
    • The internship placement is mandatory for their degree or to graduate.
    • Funding is from Erasmus Plus, their university or college, or other means through an agency.
    • This internship experience is highly recommended within a year of graduating or between course work to enhance their skills set for their future job or career goals.
  • Individual students must be 18 years or older. For groups, the minimum age is 16 years old;
    • Anyone under 18 will need parental or guardian consent. A consent form for students under 18 is included in the application.
  • Ability to learn and take public transportation independently within a different country;
  • Students must be in good physical and mental health. If not, they must submit a doctor’s letter in English certifying that they are well and able to participate in the internship programme.

Arrival and Airport Transfer

All students will be provided with airport transfer to their host communities. 

  • Individual students or very small groups will be provided with instructions and public transportation tickets from the airport to their host communities.
  • Larger groups will be met at the airport by a Learn International Coordinator and will be provided with onward travel.

Please speak with your Learn International Coordinator if you have any questions about airport transfer arrangements.

Accommodation and Meals

Accommodation types will vary by location of placement and may include shared accommodation on site, or host family accommodation on or off site. Some placements do not include accommodation and students are housed in homestay accommodation for an additional fee.

Meals are available at some locations.

Application Deadlines

The application deadline is based on when the student is available to intern.

Applications must be received at least 12 weeks before the intended start date.

Start Dates for 2020

Start dates are flexible. Let us know what works for you or your students.


We offer scholarships up to €100 off the programme price. They are competitive, so act quickly!

You can apply for the scholarship here.

The scholarship application has two parts: a one-page essay about how the placement will contribute to your academic and career goals, and a choice of how you might record your internship experience. You can choose to either:

  • Write a weekly blog in English.
  • Submit a weekly video blog in English.

All scholarship recipients will also be required to:

  1. Submit weekly photos we can use for social media and marketing.
  2. Write a testimonial in English at the end of the programme. 
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How To Get In Touch

If you want to talk about this programme, please email me today with questions or to set up a call.

Michelle Kasmauskis, Internship Abroad Coordinator