The Irish are fierce proud of their food and drinks industry, as well as the welcome they give visitors to their restaurants, hotels, markets and other facilities.

Food service in Ireland encompasses many areas, from food and drink production and consumption, to service and event planning, as well as the basic tasks of preparation and cleaning up.  You will gain exposure to many facets of the industry and learn from the ground up, gaining you a well rounded skill set to bring home.

You’ll develop a fundamental understanding of how the industry works, while contributing to innovative strategies as Ireland recovers from the recent lockdown from Covid.

Areas of exposure could include some or all of the following facets of food service:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Food or drink production
  • Hotel, hostel, B&B or other type of accommodation
  • Event planning

One thing is for sure, your experience should be delicious and you will be able to take away lots of tips and tricks about the Irish food and drinks industry, many parts of which are very unique to the island!