Where better to learn how to welcome visitors and direct them where to go in a new place than a country whose very personal welcome is known all around the world?

Tourism businesses range from small to large.  From the tiny little Scots Church in Cobh converted to a museum about the history of the town, to the giant Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland has something of interest to pretty much everyone who enters.

You’ll develop a fundamental understanding of how the industry works, while contributing to innovative strategies as Ireland recovers from the recent lockdown from Covid.

Areas of exposure could include some or all of the following facets of Tourism:

  • Tourism boards
  • Travel company
  • Tour operations
  • Special interest tourism
  • Event planning
  • Transportation
  • Food and drinks promotions

In addition to learning about your chosen career field, you will also learn an abundance about the country that will be your home for the duration of your programme, from the people who know it best.