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The UK versus the US

No this isn’t a recap about Wimbledon or the World Cup. This is the UK vs. the US in culture, life, food, and everything in-between. So far I have been in London for over a month and have made note of many similarities and differences. The first thing I noticed as anyone traveling here would, would have to be the sky. London is located a fair amount higher than the US geographically, meaning the sun rises at 4am and sets at around 9:30pm. This means I get less sleep and have very long days.


Another odd difference I found was when I was eating, or rather not eating. When you’re done with a meal abroad I recommend always asking for the check. Unlike America, in London eating is considered a time to chat, catch up with friends and isn’t solely focused on food. Some places you will need to ask for the check, but I also found that many places require you to order at the bar. Always be sure to flag down your waiter or you may be sitting waiting for awhile. Also many places are seat yourself, so be wary of that when entering a restaurant.


Similar to the US, the UK loves drinking. Actually I have noticed that drinking is a huge part of many cultures. However, after working in the pub crawl business I have noticed that people in England love to go out… almost every night. When first starting my job I didn’t expect to have to go out every night, luckily I don’t, but I have no idea how people here afford to go out and buy drinks or physically can force their bodies to do that. Listen, I love drinking as much as the next person, but here it is a huge part of their culture and what makes London so wonderful. In fact, many companies end their work day around 5 and people can be seen out at a pub the minute they’re done with work. The UK also has a relaxed sense of time. I expected them to be very punctual and maybe its just for the company I work for. I am able to come into work at 10am, to me that seems late, and most days I would be the first one in the office.


Overall, I have noticed the UK is really polite, fancy, and they like the US are always laughing.


-Joe Andersen, NAU

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