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Ireland as a Study Abroad Destination

Ireland as a destination for Study Abroad, is well-suited for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the history and culture, the music and dance, the food and drink, or the people, this beautiful little island has a lot to offer! This Emerald Isle has so many beautiful sights to see, and too many shades of green to count. From the rural boglands to vast mountains, visitors can lay their eyes on so many stunning natural sights.

For the adventurer, the Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim and the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare are absolutely perfect spots to explore. With the Atlantic Ocean surrounding you, and feeling as though you’re standing on the edge of the world, the experience of visiting these landmarks is one that is indescribable. Don’t forget the Aran Islands (off the coast of Galway). These three islands are so beautiful and have miles and miles of amazing hills and valleys that also overlook the Atlantic Ocean, as well as amazing castle ruins and hidden trails. The best way to experience these islands is by hopping on a ferry from Galway and renting a bike to explore every inch of them. This is definitely something not to be missed!

For the more laid-back, there are plenty of ways to see these sights while also having a relaxed time doing so. You could grab a cup of tea and a bite to eat in the beautiful town of Doolin while enjoying the view of the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands from harbour — and there are many towns around Ireland like this.

Ireland is known for having such a rich history, and it does not disappoint. From the numerous museums, historical sites and, of course, our famous Heritage towns, Ireland is able to express its past in a very powerful and real way. Many of these locations across the country offer a thorough insight into its heritage and culture. Newgrange in County Meath, to name one, even dates back to before some of the great wonders of the world, like the Pyramids.

Ireland is also home to hundreds of wonderful castles scattered throughout the country, that are, for the most part, open to the public all year round. The Early Christian heritage of Ireland (probably one of the most well known parts of our history) can be found almost everywhere you go, with great heritage towns like Kells (to which the Book of Kells resides in Trinity College Dublin), Trim, and of course, Glendalough, which is one of the top spots to visit while in Ireland. In Glendalough you will find the most beautiful lakes and views from the tops of the mountains, as well as the ruins of a monastic settlement.

Irish modern day culture, to most people’s delight, is filled with a lot traditions that involve music, dance, celebrations and “having the craic”!! (Irish phrase used for fun). Ireland is generally not affected by external cultures, which means we stay true to our own. One of the most prominent aspects of our culture is the music and dance. Irish music has come along way over the centuries and has become a very big part of the entertainment scene. No matter where you go, you will always find a traditional Irish music session any night of the week. The ‘session’ is one of Ireland’s most thriving traditions that has been carried on through the years to make for great entertainment and fun. Dance, music and storytelling are a huge part of Irish culture, and it is not only powerful but diverse too!

Not only is Ireland a safe place to Study Abroad, it is also is one of the best places to study. Ireland has a reputation of excellence when it comes to education and learning, which places it as one of the top locations to Study Abroad. Today we are known to have one of the finest education systems in the world. International students have a broad range of fields to choose between, from esteemed business centers, fantastic language and arts institutions and much much more!

Learn International develops all of it’s programs, to fit the uniqueness of Ireland. With every Customized Faculty-led, Internship or Service Learning program, you will be immersed into the rich culture and engage with local communities. The opportunity to learn or enhance your academic and professional goals are endless.

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