Service Learning is recognised as a powerful pedagogical tool.

By putting theory to practice in the real-world community sector, faculty and students report that teaching and learning are greatly enhanced.

Students develop a deep understanding of the social context of their academic disciplines; something only possible outside a classroom.

We have seen that as a sense of civic awareness and social responsibility is fostered in students, their motivation expands with it. Students are more energised to explore important issues after the authentic experience of a Service Learning programme.

Service Learning in Ireland 

We offer programmes throughout Ireland for both individuals and faculty-led groups. Our courses are designed to integrate academic learning with experiences that foster cultural immersion, identity exploration, and global engagement.

We tailor each programme to university requirements so academic credit is easily obtained and include space for reflection seminars. Home-stay accommodation is a key part of the programme as it further supports cultural exchange and immersion but other accommodation is also available.

For faculty-led programmes we suggest a minimum of one week and have flexible start dates based on your semester schedule!

Our current projects

Each project works with and for the community. Here are some selected examples:

  • Working with a refugee centre
  • Working with families and children connected to Autism
  • Caring for the homeless and other communities
  • Planting and tending a community garden and orchard
  • Distribution of produce to local voluntary and charitable groups
  • Upkeep on visitor & community facilities
  • Contributing to amenity and conservation projects and outreach
  • Engaging with heritage programmes designed for children or elderly locals
  • Helping to maintain the outstanding natural and cultural beauty of a local town 
At A Glance
Service Learning
Start Date
Determined by Student / Faculty
1-12 Weeks
Apply By
12 months prior to programme

Based on proposal to faculty


This programme is open to individual students also. 

What's included?

Airfare, mandatory health insurance, and spending money aren’t typically included.

3 women smile for the camera with the coast in the background on a rainy day

Janice Hawkins, PhD, RN

“As a long-time faculty leader of short-term study abroad programs, I’ve worked with several academic partners.

My experience with Learn International has greatly exceeded my expectations. I look forward to returning next year to build on our successes and cultivate long-term relationships with our community partners in Donegal.

I highly recommend Learn International to all faculty and study abroad departments building faculty-led programs in Ireland or elsewhere.”
Faculty-led Service Learning Programme
Old Dominion University