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The UK is the third-largest economy in Europe, and a leading international power in countless industries.

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Scholarships up to €750 are available

Work experience in the United Kingdom gives your résumé an international edge, particularly if you hope to work in finance or business, which are key drivers of British GDP growth.

In a competitive job market, having overseas experience is invaluable. It shows hiring managers your ambition and motivation to succeed. Working abroad also fosters independence, cultural awareness, and gives you market insights into other territories.

If this is your first time living abroad, you are guaranteed to develop personally as well as professionally.

The internship program is designed to further your career goals and bring your academic knowledge to life while working with inspiring professionals in your field. It’s also the experience of a lifetime.

Find Your Perfect Internship

Most of our placements are based in London, Oxford and Edinburgh; three hubs of industry and academic excellence. Your placement will be selected according to your field of study and career goals. Learn more about each internship category by selecting from the list below.

What will I learn?

Our internships revolve around learning. Past students describe it like a sandbox: the chance to hone skills, develop new ones, and build confidence, through experimentation and getting out of your comfort zone. We can provide certified work hours, placement assessments and feedback to satisfy your university’s requirements for academic credit. Internships also include the mentoring, support and learning goals that are often absent from graduate jobs.
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