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Thank you for your interest in Learn International programs. We offer a wide range of academic short-term customized program options in Ireland.  We collaborate with accredited Irish universities and well known organizations located in cities, towns and semi-rural areas, that have kept their true Irish heritage alive. Further, we host our programs in smaller cities and towns located at a short distance from the multi-cultural cosmopolitan hubs an in major cities, but we always do our best to design each program at an affordable rate to make Studying Abroad accessible to all students.

Lecture in Donegal for service learning group

Each of our programs and in-country support services are carefully designed to cater to your unique needs, as well as those of your participants. We offer the following program models:

  • Enable faculty to take their classroom abroad for global, experiential learning. Faculty share their vision for a global classroom, develop the academics, and Learn International manages the rest.
  • Are developed specifically for participants interested in learning more about their field of study in an international environment. This is a practical opportunity for students to bring their academic knowledge to life! We provide customized individual or student group placements.
  • Provides participants with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local society and culture of their host country. Each participant will have a hands-on experience that brings positive change to their host community. Students will grow personally, develop deep connections with their host community, and enhance their critical thinking skills. This option is open to individual students and group programs.

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