Internships in Spain

Where the university and the company go hand-in-hand

Many majors

Scholarships up to €1000 are available

Expand your horizons and invest in your future. An exceptional Internship awaits in vibrant España

When it comes to today’s competitive jobs market, relevant industry experience is a must for ambitious graduates. Our internship programmes develop the credentials to put you ahead of the game in the eyes of prospective employers.

As a leading destination for international study, Spain boasts a preeminent education system with over 70 universities at the forefront of cutting-edge research and business studies.

Spain’s economic growth is rapid – providing the perfect climate for dynamic internship opportunities. From start-ups to international corporations, there is a wide choice of businesses offering interns the chance to apply and upskill their unique talents in real-world settings. 

We encourage our interns to immerse themselves in Spain’s culture to gain insights both inside and outside the workplace. As a global citizen, you will witness a rich melting pot of experiences which are sure to leave their mark. Vibrant cities will enthrall you with their history and artwork, architecture, delicious cuisine and thriving entertainment scene.

And let’s not overlook the balmy, mediterranean climate, just perfect for exploring the outstanding natural beauty of this breathtaking country.

Did you know that Spanish is the second-most widely spoken language in the global business sector? Boost your resume and maximise your employability by acquiring some Spanish vocabulary. Even basic phrases such as ‘Hola’, ‘Buenos dias’ or ‘Gracias’ can go a long way to impress.

Internships at TecnoCampus: ‘Where the university and the company go hand-in-hand’

Launched in 2010, TecnoCampus is a technology and university park founded by Mataró City Council. A cutting-edge amalgamation of three university faculties, over 100 businesses, and a busy conference centre, this unique structure is affiliated to the prestigious Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). 

TecnoCampus is a key contributor in the transfer of knowledge and innovation within the science, business, and enterprise industries, and is committed to promoting entrepreneurship and economic growth through access to top-quality tuition and its strong links with the region’s manufacturing community.

The centre specialises in offering academic programmes in the fields of technology, business and health studies with a focus being placed on cross-disciplinary business training, entrepreneurship and innovation, and professionalism. 

TecnoCampus extends over 50,000 sqm, with a beach-front setting, and offers excellent transport links to Barcelona and the surrounding areas. 

With a wide range of facilities and next-generation resources at your fingertips such as state-of-the-art engineering labs, and research centres, you will be perfectly placed for an internship in marketing, finance or engineering.  

The ‘Buddy Programme’ at TecnoCampus

TecnoCampus is a popular choice for international study and has exchange agreements with 111 universities in 34 countries. A Buddy Programme is available to support all international students during their visit.

This organisation runs a varied calendar of cultural and social activities including optional classes in Spanish and Catalan. They are happy to assist with any questions you may have relating to your internship and can help you to network with like-minded students and businesses.  

Don’t see your major?

Don’t worry, we have loads more placements or we can customise one for you!

Our internship package includes:

Airfare, materials for placement, visa and associated costs, mandatory health insurance, meals and spending money aren’t included.


In order to apply for this programme, all applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Currently be enrolled in or recently graduated from (within 12 months of your internship start date) a university or other higher ed institution (technical college, etc.);
  • Be/have been in good academic standing.

Where will I live?

We match students with a local family near their placement that’ll create a home-away-from-home for them. Living with a family immerses students in Spanish life, language, culture and customs. Not to mention the cooking!  Have a look here to learn more about our homestay experiences.


We’re small, which helps us keep our fees competitive despite the fully customised placement we offer each student.

  • 8-week programme: €6700

There’s an additional application fee of €95 and a participant commitment fee of €500, which are both non-refundable. Airfare, optional airport transfer, materials for placement, mandatory health insurance, lunches and spending money aren’t included.

Professional Development Course

Learn International is dedicated to the commitment of lifelong learning. As such, your internship programme will include up to a €150 stipend towards enrolment onto a professional development course of your choosing to enroll in and complete while you’re on your internship.

For interns who decide not to avail of this opportunity, there will be no additional discount or cash back. Additional terms and conditions apply. Ask your Learn International Internship Coordinator for more information.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be received at least 12 weeks before your intended arrival date.


We offer scholarships up to €1000 off the programme price. They are competitive, so act quickly and apply here now!

The scholarship application has two parts: a one-page essay about how the placement will contribute to your academic and career goals, and a choice of how you might record your internship experience. You can choose to either:

  1. Write a weekly blog.
  2. Submit a weekly video blog.

All scholarship recipients will also be required to:

  • Submit weekly photos we can use for social media and marketing
  • Write a testimonial at the end of the programme.