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Scholarships up to €1000 are available

COVID-19 – Learn International is working with our semester partners on options for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.  As of right now, online coursework or a hybrid of online plus in-person are options with some universities. Please contact us directly for queries.

Spend a semester or a full academic year studying in the UK and earn credits to transfer back to your home university.

Did you know that the United Kingdom is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations in the world, welcoming over 450,000 international students every year?

With a higher education system renowned for educational excellence and many of its universities at the forefront of global research, this is hardly surprising. Take a minute to search the top-ten universities on the planet – you’ll find 4 of them reside on UK soil.

The UK may be an island but it’s made up of four very different countries: England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Each of these countries has a strong national identity and each has its own unique history, language and landscapes.

From Buckingham Palace to Edinburgh Castle, Snowdonia National Park to the Giant’s Causeway, the UK has so many wonderful cities, attractions and outdoor spaces to explore while you are studying.

Application Deadlines

London Semesters (London Met and LSBU)

  • May 15 – Fall Semester or Academic Year
  • Nov 1 – Spring Semester or Calendar Year

University of Sheffield Semesters

  • April 15 – Fall Semester or Academic Year
  • Oct 1 – Spring Semester or Calendar Year

*some dates may be earlier for certain majors with University of Sheffield


There’s an application fee of €95 and a participant commitment fee of €500 that are both non-refundable.
Airfare, class materials, mandatory health insurance, visa fees and spending money aren’t included.
Costs will vary by location and university; please contact us for more information.


All students must obtain a visa to study in the UK. The type of visa is determined by your nationality, length of stay and type of programme.

  • For semester programmes (less than 6 months), you may have to apply for a visa in advance. This will include an extra fee, which will be in addition to semester programme fees. 
  • For academic year programmes (6 months or longer) and internships, you will have to apply for a Tier 4 visa in advance.
    • The cost of the visa is currently approximately $510, which includes $50 UPS shipping (required), but excludes $310 for Priority Visa Service, which is recommended by Learn International, but not required.
    • For students staying 6 months or longer, you will also have to pay an NHS surcharge, which is currently approximately $395.

Visa fees are subject to change without notice.


We offer scholarships up to €1000 off the programme price. They are competitive, so act quickly and apply here now!

The scholarship application has two parts: a one-page essay about how the placement will contribute to your academic and career goals, and a choice of how you might record your internship experience. You can choose to either:

  1. Write a weekly blog.
  2. Submit a weekly video blog.

All scholarship recipients will also be required to:

  • Submit weekly photos we can use for social media and marketing
  • Write a testimonial at the end of the programme. 
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How To Get In Touch

If you want to talk to me about your semester abroad please email me today to set up a call.

Cara Simon, Co-founder & COO