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austian coast with houses to the right and mountains in the background


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The beauty of the snow covered alps and small villages nestled in the countryside of Austria give a sense of elegance to the landscape. The capital city Vienna is full of museums and galleries. It was a city where famous composers often found themselves conducting their works. Smaller cities such as Salzburg known for their baroque architecture and beautiful gardens. As the birthplace of Mozart, music is much celebrated as it is also the setting for the musical, The Sound of Music.
belgian town


Customised Faculty-led Programmes

Have you ever heard of Belgian chocolate? What is a chocolatier and what does their trade consist of? Have you ever wanted to taste a famous Belgian waffle? Walk the streets of Brussels, take in the taste of the rich cuisine Belgium has to offer, visit small countryside villages and begin your international learning experience in a country steeped in history as you immerse yourself in Belgian culture. Learn about what languages are spoken where and get a real feel for local life in Belgium as you begin your study abroad adventure
Czech Republic river on at dusk

Czech Republic

Customised Faculty-led Programmes

Study abroad in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. Explore and take in the history as you walk along cobblestone streets, a step back in time. A perfect country for exploring the rest of Europe as well, as it borders countries such as Germany and Austria. Filled with castles, small villages and incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Czech Republic is a gateway to an educational study abroad experience in the heart of Europe.
two pigeons in front of the effiel tower


Customised Faculty-led Programmes

France is well-known for its cuisine, art, and beautiful cities. From historic monuments like the Eiffel tower to beautiful palaces like Versailles there is so much to see and do. Learn in an environment built for students who want to take in the French culture, possibly learn a bit of French and enjoy the wonderful sites France has to offer. Take advantage of wonderful museums such as the Louvre, and jump start your international education experience in a country with access to a rich history.
german village


Customised Faculty-led Programmes

Medieval charm meets modernity in Germany. Steeped in culture and educational excellence Germany is a perfect place for studying abroad. From literature to arts, Germany is rich in tradition while mixing old with the new. Walk the streets of Munich or small villages nestled in the countryside to experience Germany in all its beauty while exploring castles, tasting traditional German dishes and conversing with locals. As a study abroad destination, Germany is well-known for its exemplary academic quality.
Canal in Holland with bikes chained to a rail


Customised Faculty-led Programmes

Hop on a bicycle and start exploring Amsterdam in all its beauty. Find out the history behind wooden shoes, and take advantage of the outdoors in Holland also known as the Netherlands, except Holland is two regions in the entire Netherland country. As a popular country for students studying abroad, meeting new people from all over the world is only one of the many experiences available to you as part of your international education. Explore the canals, smell the tulips and get ready for a wonderful study abroad experience.
hungary at dusk with a boats on the river


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Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, its global city and capital Budapest, boasts economic strengths but is also a historic city as once a celtic settlement. From its beautiful architecture to its contribution to music as home to prominent historical composers such as Liszt, Hungary is a gem off the beaten path filled with cultural traditions unique to Hungarian culture. As it borders 7 countries it is a portal to traveling Europe and an epicenter of learning as a study abroad destination.
icelandic village


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As a study abroad destination Iceland the sky is the limit, literally. From its impressive landscapes with scenic mountains, tumbling waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers and more, Iceland is a vision of beauty. Explore the Nordic past of a country with an unforgettably rich history and maybe even learn a few words in the Icelandic language. You will be sure to soak in Icelandic traditions, get stuck into wonderful pastimes such as hiking and learn about the mystical stories surround this hidden gem.
collesseum in rome at sunset


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Many international students each year flock to Italy mainly for its art, history, fashion, culture, geography and priceless ancient monuments.  Italy has been the home of many European cultures, such as the Etruscans and the Romans, and later was the birthplace of the movement of the Renaissance that spread all over Europe. Italy’s capital, Rome, has been the centre of Western civilization, and Vatican City, located in Rome, is the centre of the Catholic Church. Italy has 24 National Parks and more UNESCO World Heritage sites than in any other country.
love heart night latern floasts in the sky


Customised Faculty-led Programmes

A country bound by beauty and ingrained in history, that even text books have difficulty describing. With the north facing the Baltic sea, bordered by six countries and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, this destination offers an array of options for academic learning and cross-border study. Once known for it’s cultural diversity is now nearly a mono-lithic society post WWII. Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe and a member of the European Union providing support and guidance for growth. From Warsaw to Krakow, the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea to the Bison still roaming and the Carpathian mountains, the opportunities are endless as a study abroad destination.
slovakian steet


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Once part of Czechoslovakia Slovakia now its own country has been part of the European Union since 2004. As a small country it is bordered by four other countries. The Capital Bratislava is a beauty when it comes to architectural visions. Bratislava Castle visited by many is a wonderful vision to the eye and filled with history. Slovak is the official language in Slovakia and much of the cuisine in can be compared closely to that of Hungary. With its mountainous regions, it is the perfect country for exploring the outdoors, as a study abroad destination opening doors to the rest of Europe.
Spainish town areial view


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Spain as a study abroad destination is an immersion of culture and language. From the Gothic architecture in the city of Barcelona to Spain’s capital city, Madrid, a wonderful host of museums and art, the cities of Spain offer beauty and history. Beyond the cities are mountainous regions such as the Sierra Nevada but also beautiful coastlines along the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic. While studying abroad you will be able to get a taste of the landscapes of Spain.