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Political Science Internships

The Dail Chamber, Leinster House,

The Dáil Chamber, one of the houses of parliament

Internships are a great balance to the academic study of Political Science. Time to step out of the theory and apply yourself and your skills to the real world.

Generally the broader your field of study, the more useful an internship can be to your résumé and career goals. With Political Science touching on public policy, international relations, law, social justice, and politics, this is the opportunity to discover the interests and causes that matter to you, and demonstrate your ambition and aptitude to work in the area.

An internship abroad is a further boost to your résumé, as you’re getting first-hand experiences of policy, social change, economic systems and law ​in another jurisdiction and political environment.

Your placement will reflect your interests and goals. So you could find yourself flexing your governance and policy muscles by working with a local government agency, city council, law office, advocacy group, NGO or university. Your work may also stretch to public relations: controlling messaging, preparing fact sheets for press, or managing online communications.

Some interns are drawn to work with groups and organisations on the front line of social issues, like inner city youth centers or domestic violence shelters.

You’ll learn to apply your skills to support an organisation and its strategy, which could mean research, statistical analysis, or editing reports.

You can expect to be challenged, rewarded, and grow both professionally and personally in such a program.

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What’s included?

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  • Guaranteed Internship Placement
  • Homestay accommodation
  • Meals: breakfast and dinner
  • Application, Cover Letter and Résumé guidance
  • Airport Transfer
  • Alumni network
  • In-Country Orientation and Welcome event
  • Excursions and Social Activities
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • Academic credit through our School of Record or your home university (extra fee)


What’s the cost?

We’re small, which helps us keep our fees competitive despite the fully customised program we offer each student.

8-week program fee: €5235

10-week program fee: €6045

12-week program fee: €6675

There’s an application fee of €95 and a participant commitment fee of €500 that are both non-refundable.

Airfare, materials for placement, mandatory health insurance, lunches and spending money aren’t included.


We’re delighted to offer three scholarships a year of up to €500 per student, that are deducted off the final payment.

Scholarship applications can be submitted as part of the general internship application.You must have a 3.0 GPA to apply. The scholarship section includes an one-page essay about how the placement will contribute to your academic and career goals, and a choice of how you might record your internship experience (through a blog, video or social media updates).

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Where will I live?

We match students with a local family near their placement that’ll create a home-away-from-home for them. Living with a family immerses students in Irish life, culture, and customs. Not to mention the cooking! 

When do I apply?

The application deadline is based on when you’re available to intern.

Applications must be received at least 12 weeks before your intended start date.

Available start dates are as follows:
October 1, 2018
November 5, 2018
December 2018
January 15, 2019
February 5, 2019
March 12, 2019
April 9, 2019

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