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Service Learning Programs

Immerse, Engage and Reflect through meaningful service with your host community.

There is no better way to immerse oneself in the local society and culture of a host country than becoming part of a community project. Through the exchange of time, skills and knowledge, each participant will have a hands-on role that brings positive change to their community. Through immersion, critical thinking, and reflection, participants utilize their classroom knowledge to foster the growth of their social and civic responsibilities.

We offer Service-Learning options throughout Ireland for individual participants and groups of participants often lead by a faculty member.  We design our programs to meet the academic requirements of each participant’s university, so that credit can be easily obtained. During the program, participants are placed in various roles and in pre-determined projects, working in tandem with the community. Participants are housed in home-stays to further support an avenue of cultural exchange and immersion.

Our most popular Service-Learning destination is based in the Medieval Town of Trim, County Meath, Ireland. This is just 40 minutes outside Dublin by public transport. Trim, is a town steeped with history and Irish heritage, which encourages the community to collaborate and work together making the ancient history of the town a part of modern life. With this goal in mind, the Black Friary Community Heritage Archaeology Project was established to provide a mechanism of preserving and rebuilding this ancient history to promote its value to the local community in modern times.

Some of our current projects for Service Learning include:

  • Planting and tending a community garden and orchard
  • Distribution of produce to local voluntary and charitable groups
  • Upkeep on visitor/community facilities
  • Contributing to amenity and conservation projects and outreach
  • Engaging with heritage programs designed for children or elderly locals
  • Helping to maintain the outstanding natural and cultural beauty of a local town

We do our best to cater to each participant or group, so when you are filling out your application, please remember to include your interests, so we can best match you to your Service Learning placement and/or project.

Typically our Service Learning programs include:

  • 2-week to 12-week Service Learning Placement with dedicated supervisor
  • Homestay accommodation and some meals
  • Transport to and from placement or access to public transport
  • Pre-departure advising and application assistance
  • In-country orientation and welcome event
  • Field trips, experiential workshops and reflection activities
  • Global Alumni network
  • 24/7 in-country support team

Not Included: Airfare, some transport, some meals, some excursions, and spending money.

2017 Program Fees:

Application fee (Non-refundable): €95.00

Participant Commitment fee (Non-refundable): €500.00

*This fee is only refundable if Learn International is unable to find a Service Learning project.

For individual participants:

Start dates are flexible, and a minimum of two weeks is required for placements, unless otherwise requested.

  • 2 weeks: €1,800.00
  • 3 weeks: €2,400.00
  • 4 weeks: €3,000.00

For participant groups:

Program start dates are flexible, and a minimum of two weeks is suggested for placements, unless otherwise requested.

  • 2 weeks: €1,800.00
  • 3-8 weeks: €600.00 per additional week
  • 8+ weeks: €550.00 per additional week

We reserve the right to change prices at any time, due to unforeseen circumstances including currency fluctuation.

Application Deadlines:

Service Learning placements are offered throughout the year and deadlines vary based on program start dates.  Typically we need 6+ weeks to confirm a project for our potential participants. The following deadlines can be used as a guideline:

Spring: November 1st (January to May Placements)

Summer: February 15th: Extended  deadline to April 1st (June to August Placements)

Fall: May 15th (September to December Placements)

How To Apply:

Click here to apply or view the box on the right of page entitled “Want to Apply”.

For further information please contact us:

by using the form at “Contact us”

or by emailing us at info@learninternational.ie

or you may call the learn International Team on:

US: +1. 518.407.3537

Ireland: +353 (0)45 254252

You may download/print our Service Learning Information Flyer by clicking on the link DOWNLOAD


“This experience has revived my passion for community engagement. Through this program I have gained skills to make me a better leader, communicator, and a better server to my community.”

Alexis, Indiana State University, USA

Cutting 7 has acquired a plethora of new students.  Here they are seen giving the space a trowel back to display the different features. (1)

This experience helps you grow as a person. I highly encourage others to do it!

Katharine, Indiana State University, USA