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Ireland +353 (0)45 939 773

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Study abroad opens participants’ minds to the world beyond their current surroundings by experiencing other cultures and ways of life, encouraging global citizenship and critical thinking. Learn International offer a spectrum of options to study abroad that will provide your loved one with a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel and explore new horizons while studying and broadening their academic and professional goals.

It’s only natural that you may be concerned for the safety, health and overall wellbeing of your loved one while abroad. Please put your faith and trust in our capable hands. Our dedicated team have managed and delivered successful study abroad programs for many years. We have the expertise, hands-on experience and the resources in place to care for your loved one from before they leave home until they return with exciting experiences and stories to share!

We understand that you most likely have additional questions that you want answers to before making your final decision of which course to commit to.  If you don’t find the information that you are looking for on this website, please get in touch. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you directly.

Please view the following pages for more information:

Please note: We do honor confidentiality laws; therefore, for participants over 18 years of age, we cannot discuss personal, academic or medical information without prior written consent from the participant.

Ireland Office: +353 (0)45 939773