Figures for the EMEA (Europe, Africa and the Middle East) show that by 2024, there will be a need for 580,000 UX designers in the tech industry, and Ireland is primed to provide a quality cohort of those.

That growth makes sense! Market trends now dictate that we need to look at the customer experience as a whole, and not simply at each individual component in the development process. UX goes beyond just designing digital products: it ensures they are easy to use and fit for purpose, seeking to enhance the entire product experience for the customer.

The UX Design Institute (providing an online university-accredited UX course) was set up in 2013 to close the UX skills gap in Ireland and has now just secured €500m in additional funding for expansion. Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon all have significant bases in Ireland and are strong believers in UX.

Why UX Design in Ireland

With Ireland clearly placing a focus on UX, and with a host of UX design agencies all over Ireland serving tech giants and many well-known brands, we will be able to tailor your internship to best suit your needs and aspirations in this growing, dynamic and fascinating field. You will be able to put your visual design, graphic design, research and project management skills into practice in a truly hands-on internship.

At A Glance
UX Design in Ireland
Start Date
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
8, 10 or 12 Weeks
Apply By
12 weeks prior to start date

8-weeks: €7250

10-weeks: €8595

12-weeks: €9950

What's included?

Airfare, materials for placement, visas and associated costs, mandatory health insurance, meals and spending money aren’t included.

*Student residences are an extra fee and subject to availability. If residences aren’t available, homestays are the alternative option.

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

Commitment fee

€500 Non refundable

up to €1000