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It couldn’t be easier to cherry-pick a programme of study to match your unique interests and learning goals. If you are studying French, La Catho also offers a selection of electives targeted at French speakers. Designed to improve your linguistic skills, you will gain practical experience to become more confident when communicating in different situations. 

Please find a list of courses and their description below.

*Language taught: English or French
**Session 1 (ESP 1) and Session 2 (ESP 2)

Pick ONE morning class elective from the list below:

Class time: 9.00 am – 12.00 noon |Number of credits: 6 ECTS/3 US credits

 Intercultural Communication

Contact Hours: 9 | French or English | ESP1&2

 This interactive course provides an overview of different intercultural concepts to aid effective communication in different cultural settings.

*All ESP students will participate in a 9-hour module on Intercultural Communication, which is integral to the success and understanding of international study abroad during ESP programmes.

Project Management for Everyone

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

An interactive course to develop the methodology and practical tools needed to manage projects in fields ranging from engineering and science to management and communication.

Understanding Challenges of Climate Change*

Contact Hours: 39 | French and English | ESP1

Gain a better understanding of the causes and consequences of climate change while considering adaptation and mitigation strategies.

*This course will include 18 hours of French language instruction and 21 hours concerning climate change.

Pick ONE afternoon class elective from the list below:

Class time: 1:00 -4:00 pm | Number of credits: 6 ECTS/3 US credits

 Liberal Arts

World Class Museums

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

Explore art and art history with an overview of the cultural heritage of the Lille region and its renowned museums.

Introduction to French Cinema

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1

Study French cinema and the art of cinematography. Examine the various ways of ‘reading’ a film by viewing representative works from across the cinematic history of Northern France.

Introduction to Art and Cinema

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP2

An overview of French art and cinema and the study of visual cultures. Discuss how to interpret art forms (whether a painting, a photograph, or a film) from different periods of French history. Educational visits are included.

Introduction to French & Francophone Women Writers

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1

 An introduction to literary representation of gendered experiences in a range of leading contemporary female French-speaking writers.

Understanding Contemporary France

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

 Broaden your understanding of French culture and society through discussion and analysis of audio, video, and written works.

Techniques of Traditional Cartoon and Digital Animation

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP2

A practical and theoretical introduction to drawing anatomy, animation, traditional animation, digital animation, and TV paint software. Learn in a new state-of-the-art facility in neighbouring Roubaix (easily accessible by public transport).

Business & Communication

 Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

This course introduces building sustainable societies in a swiftly changing world. Based on specific business case studies, course content is practical and interactive.

Corporate Culture, Human Resources & Innovation

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

Investigate the role of Human Resources as a strategic and innovative business partner. Explore the influence of Corporate Culture on an organisation’s agility and the promotion of innovation, diversity, and well-being.

International Teamwork & Communication

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

A theoretical and practical introduction to the issues that inform teamwork and communication within an international and intercultural environment.

International Marketing

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1

Learn about international marketing and its role in corporate strategy and contemporary economic contexts by considering the diversity of a global marketing environment.

International Marketing & Communication

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP2

Have you ever considered the challenges faced by international marketers when trying to communicate their message to an increasingly globalised audience? Students will examine, analyse, and discuss contemporary advertising campaign strategies.

Political Science & Law

European Union Policy Making

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

An introduction to the European Union, its policies, interactions with Member States, and the varied economic, social, and environmental problems it faces. This course includes a visit to the interactive Parlamentarium in Brussels.

Introduction to European Studies: History, Politics, and Society

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP2

A broad overview of current and classical themes of European integration concerning current challenges faced by the EU, Member States, and their interactions with the rest of the world. This course includes a visit to the interactive Parlamentarium in Brussels.

France & the USA: Political Culture & Conflict

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1

France and the United States share many values, aspirations, and experiences yet remain fundamentally different. Explore the political cultures, values, and histories of both countries to understand current conflicts and controversies better. 

Health Studies

 Healthcare Systems: a Comparative Approach

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1

An introduction to healthcare systems in Europe and the USA using a comparative approach to discover how different countries tackle healthcare challenges. This course includes visits to French hospitals and healthcare centres.

Health: A Common Good

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP2

Examine how health needs are understood and addressed in our societies in relation to various disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, and economics. 

Sustainability & The Sciences

Sustainable Cities

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1&2

 A theoretical and practical examination of sustainability issues facing cities globally. Discuss sustainability-related solutions and imagine new ones through study visits, meetings with professionals, creativity sessions, and prototyping activities. 

Renewable Energies: a Focus on Solar Energy

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1

 An introduction to renewable energies and solar energy technologies. This elective combines theoretical and practical elements and allows students to construct solar-powered devices. 

Current Practices in Renewable Energy

Contact Hours: 39 | English | ESP1

An introduction to the fundamentals of energy with an overview of renewable energies and their application, including solar, wind, biomass, and other sources.

At A Glance
Summer in France
May 24-June 22 (session 1)
June 22-July 26 (session 2)
May 24 -July 26 (session 1 and 2)

*These are summer semester start dates, not dates of arrival. Please talk to an advisor for arrival dates and airfare booking.

4 weeks or 8 weeks
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Airfare, materials for class, in-country transportation, laundry, some meals, and spending money aren’t included.

2023 Fees

4 weeks €5,858.00

8 weeks €11,115.00

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€500 Non refundable

*Application and Commitment fees are in addition to the programme fee.

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