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On-Site Orientation

Every Learn International program will have an on-site orientation to assist participants in learning about their host country.

On-site orientations occur in varying places based on program location, we review the following in every orientation:

  • Local customs, culture and resources
  • Recognizing Culture Shock and how to manage this
  • Conduct and Ambassadorship while abroad
  • Health and Safety/Emergency Protocols/International Health Insurance
  • Program specifics and itinerary review (housing, meals, field trips etc.)
  • Day to day needs (Food, Money/Banking, Transportation)
  • Communication with staff, electronic sources and mobile phones

Orientation is a great way for participants to meet their Learn International in-country support team, real-life details about their host country and most importantly, how to be safe on their study abroad experience. All students must attend our in-country orientation, there are no exceptions.


“My Internship program was run by some of the kindest, and most helpful people I have ever met. I learned, gained hands-on experience, and made wonderful connections everyday while I was with the program!”

Sarah, New Mexico State University, USA


“The most meaningful aspect of this internship was being able to meet people from around the world that share the same passion I have. I was able to relate to these strangers and form friendships. .”

Lina, University of California Los Angeles, USA