Some of the most influential artists and photographers of the past 50 years have come from the British Isles.

Subversive artists such as Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst and Banksy are credited with shocking and shaking up the art world. Now such pieces as Emin’s My Bed, Hirst’s shark preserved in formaldehyde, and any of Banksy’s spray-painted canvas are considered iconic and have sold for millions of pounds.

The UK capital is one of the dominant forces in the world’s contemporary art market, second only to New York. Its collections are the envy of the world. Three of the top 10 most visited art museums on the planet are in London: the British Museum, Tate Modern and the National Gallery.

London has also produced household-name photographers including legendary portrait photographer David Bailey, renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight, and award-winning photojournalist Don McCullin.

art gallery wall in black and white

Art & Photography Internships

Art placements are among are most varied and exciting internships.

Some days you’ll be on location or in the studio, assisting an artist or photographer and getting invaluable insights into the creative process.

Other days you’ll be behind-the-scenes on the business and administration sides of a creative enterprise that so few of us see. This could involve marketing and social media, event planning, curating, buyer and collector liaison and giving guided tours. Past interns found that seeing all the moving parts behind an exhibition, gallery opening or book launch was an invaluable learning experience.

Professional photographers in the UK are likely to be freelance, and offer a range of services including portrait and aerial photography, photojournalism and the video recording of special events. As an assistant on location or in the studio, you may be responsible for the equipment and lights, managing the subjects, or tasked with getting alternative angles and extra shots. Such a placement will also teach you the importance of post-production in this industry and you’ll learn professional Photoshop and Lightroom techniques first-hand.

Photography interns can also be placed in print and online magazines, where they learn about layout, print processes, and editorial styles and standards.

Your ‘book’ or portfolio is everything in these industries.  An internship gives you the chance to build and expand it, showcasing your talents while exposed to the day-to-day realities of a studio or gallery.

Immerse yourself in London’s creative energy, and it will inspire and shape your own.

Possible Placements

  • Artist’s studio
  • Contemporary art gallery
  • Graphic design studio
  • Jewelry design studio
  • Photojournalism agency
  • Sports photo agency
  • Photo desk at a newspaper
  • Portrait & wedding photography studio
  • Arts events company
  • Art book publisher
art inntern uses her phone while in the studio
At A Glance
Art & Photography Internships in United Kingdom - London
Start Date
Determined by Student
8, 10 or 12 Weeks
Apply By
12 weeks prior to start date
8 week program: €5235
10 week program: €6045
12 week program: €6675
What's included?

Airfare, materials for placement, mandatory health insurance, meals transport, and spending money aren’t included.

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

Commitment fee

€500 Non refundable

up to €1000
sydnie standing by the sea while on assignment for her photography internship in Ireland


Photography Internship
New Mexico State University
My visit to Ireland completely exceeded my expectations. I have to be honest, initially I imagined I needed to be an outdoor person to enjoy the country! I was definitely wrong. Ireland is a place where I want to be outdoors as much as possible. The imagery is so captivating and its visuals vary across the land. The landscapes are very alluring and simple to hike around.