A social work internship gives you hands-on experience working with those who experience marginalisation or disadvantage, or those in need of support and advocacy.

The placements are as varied as the work itself; from hospitals to homeless shelters, community centres to clinics. You might assist practitioners working with children and adolescents; those with learning or physical disabilities; people with alcohol/drug dependency; the elderly; or recent immigrants to Ireland. We match the placement to your interests and area of concentration.

If you’re focused on medicine and public health, you may be placed in a hospital, rehabilitation facility, mental health unit, or care facility for persons with disabilities.

Those with an interest in social care might find themselves in a job placement facility, community development center, or charity fighting homelessness. You could be placed with an advocacy group, assisting in grant writing, strategy and policy.

You’ll develop and strengthen your communication and interpersonal skills, from listening and earning trust, to showing empathy and facilitating groups.

Expect to do hands-on work like problem-solving, co-ordinating services, safety planning and organising. All the while, you’ll be developing both self-awareness and awareness of the factors that affect social problems.

If you’re ready to be challenged, rewarded, and grow both professionally and personally, this is the placement for you.

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At A Glance
Social Work Internships in Ireland
Start Date
Determined by Student
8, 10 or 12 Weeks
Apply By
12 weeks prior to start date

8 week programme: €5235

10 week programme: €6045

12 week programme: €6675

What's included?
Airfare, materials for placement, mandatory health insurance, lunches and spending money aren’t included.
Application fee

€95 Non refundable

Commitment fee

€500 Non refundable

up to €1000