A placement with a business abroad is one of the most accessible ways to experience enterprise on another continent. Many businesses have multinational ambitions and strong export aims to reach larger, international markets.

This a chance to see and work with a new set of economic, political and cultural factors that affect starting and growing a business.

You will test your cross-cultural communication and problem-solving skills while enhancing your knowledge of different software platforms, all within the realm of learning the fundamentals of working remotely with industry professionals.

Your placement might be in a start-up or a medium-sized company, or even right alongside an entrepreneur. We’ll match you with the best business to meet your interests and ambitions.

Opportunities are available in both Europe and Asia.

Current placement opportunities include:

  • Media Studies major needed to launch and promote a new YouTube channel.
  • Market research placement with a startup developing an app.
    • If there’s a market for the app, there is additional potential to help create a marketing strategy.
    • Bonus opportunities if you speak German!
  • Marketing and Social Media placement for a leading strategy and operations firm.
  • Digital Marketing and Web Development skills needed for a financial services firm.
At A Glance
Business Virtual Internships
Start Date
Determined by Student
6+ weeks
Apply By
4 weeks prior to start date


What's included?

Not included: Laptop/computer, webcam, reliable, high-speed internet, headphones with microphone

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

up to €400