With Political Science touching on public policy, international relations, law, social justice and politics, this is the opportunity to discover the interests and causes that matter to you, and demonstrate your ambition and aptitude to work in the area.

Generally, the broader your field of study, the more useful an internship can be to your résumé and career goals. An internship abroad is a further boost to your résumé, as you’re getting first-hand experiences of policy, social change, economic systems and law in another jurisdiction and political environment.

Your placement will reflect your interests and goals. So you could find yourself flexing your governance and policy muscle. Your work may also stretch to public relations: controlling messaging, preparing fact sheets for press, or managing online communications.

You’ll learn to apply your communication and time-management skills to support an individual politician or party with their strategy, which could mean research, statistical analysis or editing reports.

Opportunities are currently only available in Europe.

Current placements include:

  • Working with an Irish politician on a variety of tasks, including marketing, PR and social media, as well as preparing for a political campaign for an upcoming general election.
  • Policy Research for  Irish politicians.  
At A Glance
Political Science Virtual Internships
Start Date
Determined by Student
6+ weeks
Apply By
4 weeks prior to start date


What's included?

Not included: Laptop/computer, webcam, reliable, high-speed internet, headphones with microphone

Application fee

€95 Non refundable

up to €400