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Twenty Questions: Chris’s Third

Who inspires you?
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Staff Corner: Chris Lawlor
Current location: New York, USA

Sheila's question to Chris:

Who inspires you?

I have two answers to this: 

1). Anyone who is truly content with their life and themselves. From time to time I meet people with that aura of immense happiness; it seems that not a bad word crosses their lips. What a gift it must be to wake up each day and want for nothing, or at least, very little. 

2). Anyone who has multiple facets to their lives and owns it all. We’ve all met those people who have many different hats that they wear, including professional, immediate family, voluntary, multiple pastimes and abilities.

I have a long way to go before I am like either of these types of people, but the fact that every one of us is human first and foremost gives me encouragement. There is no reason that everyone cannot embody these qualities. Positivity and action are all we need… or in other words… get off your ass and do it with a smile!

Those are the people that inspire me. 

chris lawlor

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