Traveling to France

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It was a long process picking out where I wanted to go for my trips. I decided to go to France and put my years of French to use. Besides being a bit expensive because I procrastinated in buying plane tickets, it was a good trip. The flight from Dublin to Paris was great. It was easy getting through the airport and the flight was comfortable. It was when I arrived in Paris that I had some difficulty. It was hard finding my way to the terminal I needed to get to to catch my bus to my hostel. There were some people who spoke English who worked in the airport and I was able to find someone and get help to where I needed to be. It was difficult adapting to another new environment where English is not spoken frequently. I found it hard to ask people if they spoke English if I could not understand them. I did not want to offend anyone. Also, in restaurants, I had to make sure the place took credit card because I ran out of cash. Other than that, the only other thing I had to worry about was how to get from place to place while in Paris. I saw all the major sites and needed a way to get in to the heart of Paris and back to the hostel every day. I decided to use the bus to get around because it was cheaper. It was simple and easy to use as well.

I took this picture while walking le Jardin du Luxembourg. I loved the building the gardens lead to with the French flag centered on it.
The Arc was the first attraction I went to see in France. It was a good place to start as it was centered between the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. There was so much to see on both sides so I started one way and worked my way back.

I saw so much on this week long trip. I went to all the major attractions in Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triompe, the catacombs, and the Louvre. I went to many souvenir shops and ended up buying my dinners at the express shopping store instead of going out every night. Though there was a mix up with my room when I arrived at the hostel, it was resolved and I was able to meet some new people. Although we were not able to travel together, we spent our nights talking and getting to know each other. I would definitely suggest going with another person instead of yourself. It would have been more enjoyable to have someone else to make memories with. It was an overall great experience!

I was looking forward to the Catacombs most. I have always heard about them and my interests in bones made me want to go even more. It was amazing to see all the history of burials there and learn why they were buried there.
The Louvre was an awesome attraction to visit. It was originally the King of France's castle but the Louvre was built around it after it was slowly demolished over the years. It was so interesting to learn about and see the original walls of the castle that remain inside the Louvre today.
The Eiffel Tower was, of course my favorite attraction. It was beautiful and breathtaking to see up close. I got a front row seat and got to watch it light up as the sky got darker and darker.

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