Why Intern?

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A lot of university students are required to complete an internship for academic credit and to be employable in today’s competitive job market. An internship is described as a stepping stone for work expense and work preparation. Internships are extremely beneficial for students for gaining practical training and learning skills. Internships posses relatively two categories of benefits. There maybe more, but below I will briefly describe how internships help professionally and personally.


Explore a Career

This is an opportunity to dig deep into the career you have been studying for the past couple of years. This opportunity allows you to research the daily functions of what is takes to possibly be successful in the career path you have chosen.

Professional Experience

Experience is a learning tool of its own. One can only assume what the specifics may be of the career you chose but experience provides the facts. 

Provide References

An internship is accompanied by a certain length of time in order to complete the academic requirement. Use this time to gain connection with employers or colleagues to learn from and also show your skills. Hopefully you will gain a positive connection that will provide references for future employers.

Make Contacts for your Future

Similar to references, networking can happen any day you are on the job. Someone you meet or work with now can help with future employment. Make sure you consistently display work professionalism because you never know who is watching and is thinking in their head they might want to work with you one day.



An internship gives you the opportunity to test out techniques learned in the classroom before entering the working world. You are able to apply what you learned and at the same time develop confidence while applying those learned skills.

Gain and Refine Skills

Everyday in the working world employers gain skills that weren’t quite made in the classroom. Internships also allow you to improve skills you did learn in the classroom. 

See What Abilities You Have

An internship is a learning experience and while learning about your career choice is the main objective, discovering abilities and traits is a strong probability of occurrence. An internship is a great opportunity to be open to any possibility or job task.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills have a similar definition to confidence. The more one can be aware of job expectations and confidence in completing these, the greater possibly the intern will develop leadership skills.

I know above is about interning in general but interning abroad is a whole new level of interning. Some benefits that interning abroad can provide could be travel, cultural awareness, adaptability, and create an international network.

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