Happier By The Dozen!

Picture of Alyson Zawisza

It’s happening! It’s really happening! The lambing season has officially begun and I couldn’t be more excited. The first little one was born late on the 6th after I had gone to bed. I woke up the next day and unknowingly began the daily routine. Once I found out, I all but ran to see. I’ve seen many newborn animals in my life but baby lambs could take the cake. I had a hard time working that day, every second I could spare, was spared checking on the little angel. My heart was all mushy and just wanted to hug and kiss it but then there was my Pre-Vet side. This side was less fun. I found myself running through a checklist every time I went to see her.  How’s her color? Is she breathing? Is she nursing? Has she moved around? Did she urinate yet? Where’s the meconium? I became so captivated and caring for this tiny thing that my homestay family named her “Aly”.

As the next day came and I went into the barn to see a better version of Christmas morning, “neurotic” became a theme. When I went in and saw about eight more lambs, I was in awe. Each one is cuter than the next! As a mom you’re not supposed to pick favorites but I might have broken that rule. One of the ewes that was having twins gave birth to her first with no issues.  But the second one was stuck. When being born, the lambs should come out front feet first followed by the head, like superman. This lamb had his front right leg half out and his entire head out. The lamb was small enough that I didn’t have to push him back in and reposition. I just had to pull the right leg with one hand and go in and pull the shoulder with the other hand. It was a success and I pulled my first lamb. I know the ewe did most of the work  carrying it for 148 days in all, but like technically I brought that lamb into the world and I feel like that gives me some wiggle room in terms of playing favorites.

I am truly enjoying every minute of this experience. My daily routine is much longer than it was as now I have a room full of hungry, demanding mothers and babies. My days have gotten a bit longer and more sporadic. I’m exhausted all the time. My clothes are actually dirtier (didn’t think that was possible) and wetter than normal. But despite all this, I’m happier than ever and can feel my heart grow just a bit more every time another lamb is born. I hop from cubicle to cubicle picking them up, checking them out, playing with their ears, and talking to them.  I love talking to them. They’re good listeners when they’re not yelling you know.

I told my mom yesterday that I was happier than I had been in a long time and she asked me when the last time I was this happy was. I couldn’t think of one. It’s not that my life isn’t full of happiness because it really is. But I’d be lying if I said that this wasn’t a glorious break from reality. A reality that gets clouded by stress, school, responsibility, work, and  people. It’s all a part of life, I get that, but it’s nice to have a break and be selfish just for a little while. I set out for a chance to learn and explore but it was also a chance to breathe a little easier. It’s something we should all do when we get the opportunity. Be selfish for one moment in your life. Ignore reality and do something that actually makes you super happy. Be so happy that you just smile for no reason. Look up to the sky, close your eyes, and just breathe.

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