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I have met up with a fellow American this past week in Dublin. It was difficult, at first, communicating and trying to make plans to get together. We got each others numbers through a common contact and were able to Whatsapp each other. At our first attempt to meet up, I could not get a bus or train into town at an early enough time to make the train for Carlow, where she is living. Our plans for that day had to be postponed because I could not make it there. This week, we were able to meet up in Dublin. It was my first time using the LUAS and traveling to areas of Dublin I have not seen. We went to the Dublin castle, the history museum, the wax museum, and a very cozy pub. We had a great day and really got to know each other. We are hoping to meet up this coming weekend in Galway! I am so excited to visit more of Ireland.

This was the amazing chandelier that was hanging up in one of the museums we visited. The building was beautiful and the information was interesting.
This is the website I was looking at for ideas of where to go to do some spooky Halloween fun. This is the prices for one of the spooky mazes in Co. Meath. I am thinking of going here as well.
While walking the streets of Dublin, I noticed the sky looked very interesting. I had to get a picture of it!

Also, this week, my host sister and I are planning to go to a Halloween maze. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love going out and getting scared. At first, I was nervous about asking her if she wanted to go, but after I asked she was so excited. We will be going in to Dublin city center this Sunday to do the scary mazes of “The Nightmare Realm”! We are both very excited. I am glad I got the courage to ask or I would be missing out on this opportunity to get out and enjoy my favorite holiday. I will be having a very eventful weekend and I cannot wait!

This was a picture she took of me at the Wax museum. It was my favorite event of the day. They had a scary section and cool mazes set up on the inside.
This is a picture of the swans me and my friend passed at a stop off the LUAS. I have never seen a swan up close!

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