Readjusting to American Life

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After my three months in Ireland, I expected to find it difficult to adjust to being back home. Not only did I have to adapt to the five hour time change, but I also had to adapt new eating and sleeping habits that became normal to me in Ireland. It was much harder for me to readjust to American time than it was to adjust to Ireland time. It took me about two weeks to readjust to American time. I found myself waking up at 5:30 in the morning and going to bed at 7:00 at night, which is abnormal for me considering I am a night owl. It was a very tiring couple of weeks for me. Besides that, the adjustments has been smooth. While in Ireland, I was introduced to new foods and drinks that I have been able to find in our American stores. I have adapted new vegetarian meals that I have learned to make for myself. I have even made a few meals for my family and they were enjoyed so much that I have been asked to make meals whenever possible. I really miss Irish butter and milk but I was able to find Irish butter in my grocery store and milk that taste similar to Irish milk. 

This was the first picture I took when I reached the United States. It was right before I landed at my airport.
These are my nails that my sister did up for Christmas. They were acrylics and lasted only 5 days before I had work and lost them all.

As Christmas has just passed, I finally have time to reflect on my good memories and skills I have learned in Ireland. I am currently adding to my resume and college profile. I cannot wait to see what opportunities open up for me because of this internship. I had so many experiences to share with my friends and loved ones and it has been so fun doing so. I have also been keeping in touch with my host family and individuals from my internship placement. I miss having everything and every place being new and exciting, but it is nice to be back home where I am surrounded by people who I can talk to and share my knowledge and experiences with. I have been enjoying my time home before going back to college in a few weeks. My family and I have gone to the movie theatre, escape rooms, Christmas parties and more since I’ve been home. It has been a non-stop adventure, just as Ireland was. All in all, readjusting to home was not too difficult for me, but I do miss Ireland everyday.

My family and I did an escape room recently and escaped pretty quickly. We made the companies leader board for the best time of the week.
My mom, sisters, and I went to see a movie. It was very funny and good bonding time.

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